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The Virtual New Haven Railroad in Detail

VNHRR Version 3.0 Coming Soon!

Details about the new version will be revealed soon.

System Requirements

You will need a full installation of Train Simulator 2016 to use this add-on and your PC should meet the minimum requirements of the base game.

Manuals and Documentation

Coming Soon!

Route Description

The VNHRR Springfield Line version 2 follows the New Haven Railroad's mainline from Springfield, MA, to Hartford, CT. Also included are the New Haven's Suffield and Bloomfield branchlines from Windsor Locks to Suffield and the Bradley Field Airport and from Hartford to Griffins, respectively. A short part of the Boston & Albany Railroad between Springfield and West Springfield, and the Boston & Maine Railroad north of Springfield is also featured on the route.

Springfield is the hub of the VNHRR Springfield route. At Union Station you can board the Boston & Albany's trains to Boston and Albany, the Boston & Maine to Greenfield, and the New Haven's trains towards New Haven. The Railroads made Springfield a regional hub of industry and innovation, in everything from ice skates to automobiles including the legendary Indian Motorcycle. The New Haven Railroad has a large roundhouse, freight house, and a long stretched yard along the east bank of the Connecticut river that will keep you busy if you like wayfreight and switching, the Boston & Albany has a huge classification yard on the other side of the river.

Following the New Haven tracks southward, we soon get to the small town of Thompsonville. Local New Haven Springfield passenger trains stop here and a team track and a freight house spur can be found next to the depot on both sides of the mainline. Its most noteworthy feature for our route is the large Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Company, with its several cargo tracks and even its own small powerplant.

Warehouse Point is the next stop on our way south, a small station with just a few team tracks to service, set in the beautiful lush forests along the Connecticut River.

Having passed Warehouse Point the New Haven mainline crosses the Connecticut River on a large double track steel bridge, to reach the town of Windsor Locks. Here you can find the typical depot and freight house combination, accompanied by the small yard utilized by the Montgomery and Dexter companies. The yard is set in an unusual environment, between the one-sided main street on the west side and the mainline, canal, multi storied mills and factories to the east. Windsor Locks is also the junction place of the Suffield Branch.

In Suffield and on its branchline the primary business is agriculture, and more precisely shade-grown tobacco, and the traffic generated by the nearby airport on the other leg of the branchline. Situated at the far end of the branch is the Hamilton Standard Propeller Corporation, which back in the days our route is set in was a leading US manufacturer of aircraft propellers.

Back on the mainline, we leave Windsor Locks and keep running along the Connecticut River, passing the small community of Hayden, until we reach the town of Windsor. The railroad crosses the center of Windsor, where a passenger station, a freight house and a few light industries can be found around a passing siding and a couple of spurs.

Next stop on our trip south is the community of Wilson, just on the outskirts of Hartford. A couple of miles after leaving Wilson, we already enter Hartford's huge Meadows Yard with 20+ tracks serving the numerous New Haven lines that meet here and the dozens of industries that are located in and around Hartford. Meadows Yard is just north of downtown Hartford, the New Haven Springfield Line meets with the Highland division at HART Junction just before crossing under Albany Avenue. Around another curve and we enter Hartford's beautiful downtown Union Station, built around elevated tracks with a nice view on Bushnell Park and the Connecticut State Capitol. Switching and wayfreight fans will find endless possibilities in Hartford: heavy and large industries, including two power plants and well-known companies like Fuller Brush or Colt Firearms, many light industries and warehouses, a large freight house complex, and not to forget interchange operations between the Springfield, Valley, and Highland divisions that take place at Meadows Yard.

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