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About the Virtual New Haven Railroad

An Introduction

Fancy a little trip back in time, back to when railroads still ruled supreme in the transportation business? Welcome aboard the Virtual New Haven Railroad, a project for Train Simulator 2016, aiming to model the New Haven Railroad's Springfield Line as it appeared in the mid 20th century. The 1950s were the last of the New Haven Railroad's glory days, and we have tried our best to make you feel like you are really there in that special era in railroading history.

We have modeled the Springfield Line in its entirety from the line's northern terminus at Springfield Union Station to its southern end at New Haven Union Station, where it joined the famous New Haven Shore Line. Also included in this route are the branch line to Suffield and Windsor Locks International Airport, the branch line to Bloomfield and Griffins, and a short section of the NH Valley Division in South Hartford.

The real Springfield Line was one of the New Haven's busier lines and we hope to have captured that well on our route. Be it passenger services, mainline freights, local freights or switching moves in the many yards this route offers something for just about anybody. You will find three major freight yards, including the enormous Cedar Hill Yard with its capacity of 15,000 cars, several small yards, many small and large industries. Passenger stations are present in almost every town along the way, although some had already been taken out of service by the mid 20th century. Please refer to the maps and details on the following pages for more information about the locations on this route.

We hope you will enjoy this little trip back in time, on a unique and busy railroad that despite its several bankruptcies we regard as one of the true industrial icons of the Northeastern U.S.

Bob Jones & Michael Stephan
© by Bob Jones and Michael Stephan